Video Games Are Not a Hobby!

My way of thinking regarding video games as a hobby is simple, they can’t be a hobby because videos games do not challenge you to go outside your comfort zone. When you are playing videos games you are in the safeness of your room/house and no matter what you do in the game you are still in your comfort zone. The game will never challenge you to authentically go outside the safety of your comfort zone.

That’s why I recorded the video above during one of my kayaking trips in the middle of a beautiful beach, that was a little difficult to get to I may add.

To me going on solo kayaking trips completely challenges me to go outside my comfort zone. If you are a gamer you know that you feel satisfaction when playing or getting an achievement in a game. But after that is just that achievement you got. The problem is that you got the exact same achievement as everyone else, is not an achievement that you got as something you set as your very own personal challenge to go outside your comfort zone. The game achievement, no matter how difficult it was, will never be as challenging as authentically doing something that completely breaks the boundaries of your comfort zone.

So let me ask you, what is your hobby?

  • Do you think I’m completely wrong with my statement regarding video games as a hobby?
  • Will you defend them as your authentic hobby because you are scared as hell to get out of the safety of your comfort zone?

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