Kayaking from Vega Baja beach to Punta Garzas

I found this kayaking location on a random day I was hanging with my best friend. He wanted to show me the Playa de Vega Baja, but we ended up driving all to the end of road 692 because there were too many people and cars at the beach. When we arrived at the end of the road I took a look at Google Maps and saw that there was a little island at the other side called Isleta de Garzas and I immediately told myself “this is a place I need to go kayaking”. So after a month or so later I came back and here is my trip. For this trip I didn’t paddled as much as others, all I needed to do was cross to the other side to reach Punta Garzas.

I started here (Boca Cibuco) and where I was standing there was horse poop all over. There is a horse ranch not far from there and people bring their horses to bathe or train them to ride on water.

So even with that peculiar smell I inflated my kayak and began my journey.

The waves were challenging so it was a little difficult to paddle, but nothing that could prove dangerous. I keep paddling non stop for around 30 minutes or so and as I was getting closer to Punta Garza the waves started to get a little worse to handle.

After I reached this part I was a little tired so I decided to float there for a bit, drink some water and take some pictures. The problem was that the waves were a little bit rough (for the kayak at least) so I had to keep repositioning so the waves hit the front of the kayak. If a wave hits while the kayak is completely horizontal the possibilities of capsizing increase. I have capsized on this kayak before on another trip, nearly hitting my head on a rock. Not fun when that happens so I take some extra precautions just in case.

After resting for a bit and fighting the waves I continued paddling and I finally saw my destination Isleta de Garzas. But before getting to the island I first needed to reach Punta Garza (or Punta Cibuco) and man this part was tough. The waves on that area moved in different directions so it was difficult to reach land, but after a while and some careful paddling I made it.

It took me roughly 1 hour to get here and the first thing I did was to tie up the kayak to one of the paddles that I bury deep in the sand. THANK GOD I did that because if I didn’t this would had been a totally different story and most likely my kayak would had been lost at sea.

Remember that I mentioned the waves were bad on this part, well here the proof. They may look like nothing, but when you are on the kayak it feels like you are fighting a storm. These are not the worst waves I had paddled in, but they were a challenge.

I turned around, walked a bit and found these guys just chilling there. Naturally they flew away after they spotted me.

From here on is a walking trip along the beach. There was no one here and it felt incredibly relaxing, like all this belong to me for that moment. To you beautiful ladies reading this post this would be one of the dating spots I would take you, if of course you are willing to paddle there ;-).

In this picture you can see from where I came from. My original plan was to dock in this area, but it had too many rocks to maneuver.

I kept walking on the beach and took this epic selfie. Behind me is the Isleta de Garzas, the second destination I wanted to reach.

This is Isleta de Garzas, if you look closely you can notice there isn’t an appropriate place to properly dock my kayak. Since I was alone and the waves were quite rough in that area I decided not to take the extra risk. I even consider swimming, but that was probably more stupid than going on the kayak. Instead I will come back in the future with a partner, most likely we will need to do a short climb and figure out a way to tie up the kayak somewhere or get it up there somehow.

I continue walking on the beach and having a wonderful time while I was reflecting on how incredibly beautiful this place is.

On my way back from my walk on the beach I found this peculiar wood house that most likely is use for BBQ’s. You can actually get here by car, but you need to ask permission to get in through a private estate (I know because I called the owner of that estate). Of course is a lot more fun and a much better adventure to get here via kayak. So after contemplating this wood house I decided to take a walk in this small forest to see where it leads.

There was a path there to follow so I did and it was great because the sound of the waves harmonize my walk as I got further and further away.

After around a 5 minute walk from the coast I reached this place. I really wanted to walk to the tree you see in the middle of the image above to sit down for a while, but it was getting a little late and the grass was a little high so I turned back.

On the way back I began to contemplate how great this place is and how happy I was to have picked such a wonderful hobby. I also was thinking as to “Why Video Games Are Not a Hobby!” and recorded a video about it to share with you.

After a wonderful walk I went back to my kayak and, like I previously mentioned, I’m thankful I tied it up because the waves completely moved it from the original position it was in. When I reached the starting point something really unexpected was happening……a funeral. There were a lot of people at the dock crying and singing songs to their deceased family member. There were performing some kind of ritual of spreading the aches of their family member while I was just about to dock. This kind of bummed me down a bit, but I payed my respects with a small prayer to give strength to the family members of the deceased so they can continue with their lives in peace.

What I learned on this trip is that walking on a secluded beach is awesome, found a brilliant dating spot and reflected on why video games are not a hobby. I wasn’t able to accomplish my goal of getting on to Isleta de Garzas, but that definitely for a future trip with a partner. Most times things don’t go as you want to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish them in the future. The key is keeping at it, trying over and over and being prepare to fail constantly until you finally achieve your goals. Just don’t give up and if you need some moral support feel free to contact me.


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    Loved this post! And all your thoughts while exploring it!

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