3 Reasons Why Tonari No Seki-Kun is a Must Watch Anime

If you haven’t watched Tonari no Seki-Kun – The Master of Killing Time go watch it now (is available on Crunchyroll). If you are an anime fan it is your duty to take the time to watch it because each episode are super fun and around 7 minutes or so. Here are 3 reasons why this anime awesome:

1. A very simple concept, killing time in the most absurd, fun and creative ways.

Seki-kun (the protagonist) really is a master at killing time using his classroom desk as a playground. At his right side there is Yokoi-san (or Rumi) always getting deeply involved in Seki antics.

Bear Mountain Climbing

Episode 11 – Mountain Climbing. The mountain you are seeing in this picture is actually the back of a student sitting in front of Seki-kun.

2. Yokoi narration is genius.

If it wasn’t for her narration this anime wouldn’t make any sense. She’s actually the one who creates the cinematic experience of Seki-kun games.

Shogi Romance Story

Episode 8 – Shogi 2. Seki-kun plays with Shogi pieces a forbidden story between a soldier and a princess. Yokoi imagines over the top cinematic scenes.

3. The music and sound effects fit incredibly well, immersing you in the story being told.

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