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What we're about

If you are tired of your social anxiety and are looking to push yourself OUT of your comfort zone, follow Face Anxiety to get motivated.

Hi, my name is Luis (call me "Lulu"), and my goal is to push you to do things that you would typically be petrified to do on your own. When you have social anxiety, it is easier to avoid making friends. Instead, you rather spend time alone in loneliness. You hide in your comfort zone bubble and let your intense feelings of anxiety overwhelm you and take over your entire life. And when you do decide to go out, you endure the social situation with intense fear, expecting the worst consequences from it.

I want to acknowledge why you feel that way, and assure you that it's just your anxiety taking over you. Together we will say, "I'm facing my anxiety!  I'm going to attend this weird-ass event, "Lulu" came up with. I will provide you with a distraction from your daily routine and, most importantly, a community that shares something in common. I will strive to make this group provide you with a welcoming environment and a place where you can make friends.

I look forward to imposing you to a social world in a supportive environment. With this group, you can confidently say "I'm facing my anxiety!” I got things to do, and I don't need you today."

* Please note this group is best for people between the ages of 21-35.


A sample of potential events:

• Sporty Activities - hiking, bowling, kayaking, basketball, snowball fight (this one is very high on the list of events to do).

• Game Nights - I was an After School teacher, so I will make you play some of the games I use to play with the kids.

• Six Flags - I love Six Flags (in Agawam MA) and go a couple of times a year. It is a lot of fun!

• Workshops - some of the workshops I have in mind are cooking, martial arts/self-defense, dancing, public speaking, and basic acting.



Participation at an event is optional and is always voluntary. I will try my best to make as many events completely FREE. However, we live in corporate America, so that may not always be possible.

Me and other organizers for "Face Anxiety" are not responsible for the well being of any person/member while attending an event. All members must use their own judgment and common sense and are solely responsible for themselves. This is a peer only group, and we do not have therapists or psychologists. If you need professional help, it is your responsibility to seek appropriate treatment.

Rudeness or behavior that makes other members, businesses/vendors we interact with uncomfortable will not be tolerated. You will be removed from the group and banned from all future events. If you encounter such behaviors, please let me know as my goal is to preserve a comfortable and friendly environment.

By joining the "Face Anxiety" group, you agree to these rules.


* New members - if you submit an incomplete profile or have a profile picture that isn't you (nature, animal, etc.) then your membership will be declined.

Past Events

  • Game Night & Fireworks on the 31st

    Tue. Dec 31, 2019

    2019 is coming to an end, and (other than me having to work on the 31st), I got nothing planned. So if you have nowhere to go and don't want to be in solitude with your anxiety, spend new years with me and make new friends.

  • Let’s go to Six Flags 🎪

    Sun. Dec 29, 2019

    What a better way to get rid of your anxiety than to scream your lungs out on a roller coaster. Let's finish this year by having a ton of fun at Six Flags New England this next Sunday, December 29.

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