Video production expert with over ten years of experience working in professional video productions. Highly skilled in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, and Lightroom CC.

I'm a contributor to the Videomaker blog and magazine https://www.videomaker.com/author/lomaymi.

I'm looking for a video production company to contribute my skills and help bring a vision to life through video.


2013 - Present

Video Production Blogger


I’m a contributor to Videomaker magazine publishing articles related to video production. Click here to see my published articles.

2009 - Present

Social media manager & video content producer


I developed an app to schedule messages to Facebook and Twitter that allows users to fill their marketing calendars quickly weeks in advance. Additionally, I produce videos for clients' social media campaigns and integrate them into a Porfolio schedule with excellent results. More information here.

Nov 2019 - Present


People's United Bank

As a banker, I look for opportunities to understand customer financial needs and provide suggestions regarding products and services. This position focuses on sales, and it helped me become better at customer service and sales techniques.

Jan 2019 - Nov 2019

Lead Teller

Santander Bank

As a Lead Teller, I was in the frontline of the bank processing customer cash or checks deposits and other high volume business deposits. I continuously aimed to provide fast service and making referrals to bank products and services. I was also in charge of training new tellers.



University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Bachelor's Degree, Economics


English Language Proficiency
Spanish Language Proficiency


Microsoft Excel



Premiere Pro

iWork Keynote



After Effects

iWork Pages

Google Drive

Adobe After Effects vs Premiere: a side by side comparison

When you venture into the post-production world, you will undoubtedly need to decide which video editing software and motion graphics software to use. Adobe has both of them with Premiere Pro as their industry-leading video editing software for film, tv and web and After Effects as the powerhouse in motion graphics software.

4 Steps to Understanding Shutter Speed

Do you know what the shutter speed function on your camera does? Most of the time your camcorder will do a good job setting the shutter speed for you, but sometimes you may need to manually change it yourself. Why mess with that? Wait, what exactly is shutter speed?

How to plan a live stream

Live-streaming without a doubt is the best way to engage with your audience and, from my experience, it has the best return on investment. Determine what content you wish to share and get streaming.

How to start a YouTube channel for beginners

If you are looking to start a brand new YouTube channel, this article will provide you with all the steps needed to get your channel ready. Let’s get started!


How to use every control on your camera

Let’s explore and learn about the most common controls found on almost every camera. We’ll go over the fundamentals of how to use each feature so you can get the shot you envision.


How to overcome your fear of making YouTube videos

Have you tried to make a video but felt incredibly embarrassed? Did you feel the camera “judging you”? Here’s how to get over this fear so you can make your video.


10 inventive ways to use your tripod

Without a doubt, a tripod is the single most important purchase you can make. This three-legged friend can be used in many different ways, allowing you to create epic camera shots. In this article, I will show you 10 tripod tricks that you can try out in your own video productions. 

How much RAM do you need for video editing?

Do you ever wonder what exactly having more RAM does for video editing? To cover your video editing needs, it’s important to understand that the right amount of RAM will be closely related to the type of video projects you are working on.



I have the pleasure of knowing and being a partner of Luis Maymí of the LatAm Ambassadors program of Hootsuite, apart from being a good person is an excellent professional without doubt. Is the developer of one of Hootsuite apps HootBulk,  related to the Digital and Social Media Marketing.

María José Morales - Asunción PARAGUAY

Translated from Spanish

I know Luis Oscar Maymí of our collaborations with Hootsuite. He is a very capable professional who demonstrates daily with his commitment and know-how. From Spain I wish you all the best working together.

Francisco Domínguez Román - ESPAÑA

Translated from Spanish

Luis Oscar Maymi, a talented young individual, knowledgeable and expert in the industry he represents. Excellent in its projections, which offers us great advantage in those who request its services. Your disposition and patience to transmit your knowledge is admirable.

Rosy Rivera - PUERTO RICO

Translated from Spanish

I have had the opportunity to work alongside Luis Oscar Maymi on various projects related to our roles as Hootsuite Ambassadors for Latin America. Luis Oscar Maymí is an excellent social media professional who knows a lot about digital marketing. I admire his willingness to work as a team and his dedication to helping those who need it.

Sergio F. Sosa Sánchez - Caracas, VENEZUELA

Translated from Spanish

I want to recommend to my colleague Luis Maymí as an excellent professional in the area of Digital Marketing as in Social Media. His work speaks for itself, so much so that the scope it has had has been able to connect people from Puerto Rico to Venezuela without borders. Your responsibility and commitment make any project a success.

Carlos Eduardo Primera Crespo - Barquisimeto VENEZUELA

Translated from Spanish


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